name desc  type size date description
 solaris7.pdf  pdf 356.9 KB 07-01-08 A good HowTo on a server install.
 Simpsons.txt  txt 3.3 KB 23-01-08 mapping.
 Shoutcast.txt  txt 3.5 KB 07-01-08 Added Shoutcast commands.
 redirect.txt  txt 2.0 KB 07-01-08 A nicely done redirection page.
 netappMapping.html  html 2.7 KB 07-01-08 Mapping NetApp Drives within a web document.
 mouseOverII.txt  txt 2.8 KB 07-01-08 mouseOver with Dynamic Images.
 mouseOver.txt  txt 2.5 KB 07-01-08 mouseOver With Array and Preload.
 Linux.pdf  pdf 1.2 MB 07-01-08 Tips and Tricks - a bit old.
 imailClean.txt  txt 8.7 KB 24-06-08 A Perl Program that compares the contents of a directory against a database removing directories depending on account status.
 imailAliases.txt  txt 2.6 KB 24-06-08 A Perl Program that reads in the contents of a file and displays them in HTML.  pl 1.4 KB 03-07-08
 drivespace.html  html 3.8 KB 24-06-08 A document I wrote regarding network backups.
 dirPropagate.txt  txt 836  B 07-01-08 php to add files without adding code.
 dirCopyRemove.txt  txt 2.1 KB 07-01-08 A Perl Program used in a ton of my programs to Copy or Remove directories.
 button  <DIR> 07-01-08 Final mouseover with Array, Dynamic Images, and Preload.

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