Allowing a web application to use a NetApp Drive.

We ran into a problem with permissions when attempting to allow a web based application read/ write access to the NetApp. The same may apply to any Windows 2003 web application accessing any network drive.
The solution presented here will fix this situation.

First we need to find out the password for the usernames we will be adding.
For ASPNET, there is an application located at
From the above site: "AspNetUserPass is a very simple console-based utility that displays the password of ASPNet user on your system. In order to use, simply run the executable (anup.exe) in console (command prompt) window. If the password of ASPNET user is stored on your system, it'll be displayed."

For iusr_MACHINENAME, download and install the IIS Resource Kit.
(Windows 2003:
Once the IIS Resource Kit has been installed:
- Start Menu/ Programs/ IIS Resources/ Metabase Explorer/ Metabase Explorer.
- In the Left Hand Panel, Browse to MACHINENAME/ LM/ W3SVC
- In the Right Hand Panel, (sorting by name will help in locating this key) select AnonymousUserPass.
- This will show up as:
	6021	AnonymousUserPass	String 	***Secure Data***
- Selecting View in the Taskbar (After Metabase, Edit) then Secure Data will reveal the above as (for example):
	6021	AnonymousUserPass	String	&GND%fds*@#$( 
Now on the NetApp:
# telnet SERVERNAME 
carnot> Tue Dec 27 12:56:11 EST [telnet_0:info]: administrator logged in from host: XXXXXXXXX

carnot> useradmin user add ASPNET -g Administrators
New password:
Retype new password:
User  added.
carnot> Tue Dec 27 11:22:38 EST [useradmin.added.deleted:info]: The user 'guest' has been added.
Rerun the above for iusr_MACHINENAME.

Finally at XXXXXX/na_admin/ Select Filer View:
Under CIFS/ Shares/ Manage.
Mail/ Change Access... Add Access Control Entry